Description of the activities

TRX Functional type of training. Objective: To tone the body working on limbs and torso. Low impact. With TRX you can do any exercise that can be done in a fully equipped gym.
Functional training To develop agility, coordination and balance. Improves overall joint mobility and muscle tone, especially the abdominal-lumbar area. Using circuit exercises and natural body movements, it focuses on amplifying movements in a fun and dynamic environment.
Core-spine Objective: To strengthen all the muscles of the abdominal wall, as well as the lumbar area. Prevents and improves back ailments. Learn a safe and effective technique of core work. Low impact. Static and dynamic movements in block or circuit.
Crossover A type of training using a variety of highly intensive functional exercises. The objective is to train the whole body using different disciplines at the same time, such as weightlifting, athletics, gymnastics and endurance training. A programme of global strength and fitness.
Bootcamp Teamwork or alone, using aerobics exercises alternated with high impact anaerobic exercises. Against the clock or another type of challenge. Highly intensitive.
Pilates Our Pilates classes aim to improve self-awareness, balance, flexibility and strength. The exercises also improve posture with a body conditioning method based on the fusion of body and mind. In Pilates it is important to build a "powerhouse" or core, as it is typically referred to today, by activating, through respiration, the internal and external muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, lower back and gluteals. The result is noticable in about twenty sessions. As long as you are constant, you will alleviate back pains, reduce your abdomen and waist and tones muscles, and you will feel more upright as you walk, as well as feeling more agile and stronger.
Powertoning A combination of aerobic exercises with music-based bodybuilding exercises, which burn both fat and reduce weight, strengthening muscles and improving bone density and contributing to overall physical wellbeing.
Glutes-Core Sessions aimed at developing the abdominal and lumbar musculature with special emphasis on the toning and development of the gluteals. We use music but not weights as we workout our body.
GAP Sessions aimed at the development of glutes, abs and legs. Using music we work with weights of greater or lesser amounts depending on the exercise to be performed. It results in a flatter stomach, more defined waistline, stronger legs and hardened buttocks, and also achieves greater physical endurance in general and an improved blood circulation.
Functional Sessions working the whole body. In these clases we work on all the muscle groups using a circuit format. Different exercises are performed using weights, bands, steps and balls. It improves endurance and physical strength, and helps to improve bone density and blood circulation.
Aquafitplus Fitness exercises performed in water. The different exercises are focused on the toning and resistance of the muscles. A healthy and safe type of activity, and so ideal for people of all ages regardless of their physical capability.
Zumba Moderately intensive discipline focused on maintaining a healthy body and developing strength and flexibility through dance movements combined with a series of aerobic routines. Zumba uses Latin American rhythms (salsa, bachata and regeton) and pop music in its main routines. Apart from being fun, it helps you lose weight, tone muscles and improve flexibility, releasing endorphines and reducing stress. Suitable for all ages.  
Supertramp Also called Jumping Fitness. A system of high intensive, low impact dynamic physical exercises on a small trampoline. It strengthens body and mind while always maintaining a highly physical stimulus and, of course, being fun. The basis of supertramp is a combination of fast and slow jumps, variations of aerobic steps and dynamic sprints. It is very effective, burns calories and strengthens the whole body. Due to the constant changes in gravity, 400 muscles are activated and relaxed at the same time.
Adults swimming classes In these classes skills are developed so you become fitter and trimmer and, depending on your level, improve your swimming techniques (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and crawl).
Aquapilates Aquapilates adapts the principles and exercises of Pilates to the water. It uses the resistance of the water to increase the range of movements and strength of the core muscles. Aquapilates increases flexibility by challenging the torso muscles, and aligns body and balance. The essence of Pilates is based on six 6 basic principles: breathing, control, centering, flow, precision and concentration.
Aquagym Aquagym is a type of workout which focuses on toning muscles with exercises performed in the water. With aquagym you improve your general physical fitness and it can help you recover from injuries, so it is perfect for people in rehabilitation. Different muscle groups are specifically worked on and are alternated with exercises on the upper, middle (obliques and abs) and lower parts of the body.

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