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We like to celebrate life. Join us with a drink in your hand, sit around a table to share the sun, looks, laughter and a world of sensations. In each of our dining spaces, the menu opens before your eyes and offers exquisite proposals and always with the sea as a backdrop. Tell us what you fancy most at that particular moment. We will prepare it for you just as you like it.

Estrella del Mar Restaurant

A restaurant that knows how to adapt to your personality and lifestyle. A delectable menu to be enjoyed with the five senses in an atmosphere designed to live an unforgettable gourmet experience. Are you looking for a tasty break? You have found the place.

  • Winter timetable: Monday to Friday from 13:00h - 16:00h. Saturday and Sunday from 13:00h. - 17:00h.
  • Where: Estrella del Mar Restaurant
Estrella del Mar Restaurant Menu
Vincci Hoteles | Estrella del Mar - Beach Club

Easy Sun Menu

We have prepared some delicious snacks for you to pick on as you continue enjoying the sun, the water and the sea breeze. Small bites of pleasure designed so that you don’t miss a moment of the relaxation you have come to enjoy. Healthy, fresh… and absolutely delicious. Try it once and you will be conquered forever.

  • Opening times: from April to October, every day of the week from 1pm to 7pm
  • Where: Pool and beach sunbeds
Easy Sun Menu
Easy Sun Menu | Beach Club Estrella del Mar

Las Brasas del Beach

As simple as choosing the fresh products you fancy most. As easy as waiting while we prepare them on the grill as you enjoy some tasty starters. As quick as having them on your plate before you could have imagined. As exquisite as the best barbecue you have ever eaten in your life. You are invited: every Tuesday (20h-22:30h.)

  • Opening times: every Tuesday (20h-22:30h.)
  • Where: Estrella del Mar Restaurant
Las Brasas del Beach
Las Brasas Menu

El Tardeo del Beach

They say that the best time to enjoy a cocktail is just when the sun kisses and gives itself to the sea. The breeze. Friends. Laughter. The toasts to everything that really matters to you. Against the blue horizon, the essential takes on a different meaning, time passes slower and you enjoy each moment more. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 6.30pm to 9.30pm you have a date with life.

  • Time: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.
  • Where: Beach Club terrace
El Tardeo del Beach - Beach Club Estrella del Mar
El Tardeo del Beach - Beach Club Estrella del Mar

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